NEI Group Core Values :

Akhlak & Spirituality Engagement
The first and most important value as human being and company citizen is “Akhlak - adab”, our commitment and our faith engagement drives the proper way in pursuing our success.

Nation Centric
Group commitment to prioritizing interest of the nation, comply with regulations, making big impact to local people.

Customer Focus
Understanding Customer requirement, preferences and focus to fulfil customer objective.
Customer satisfaction is the aim of our excellent operation, for our sustainable business.

Synergistic Teamwork Collaboration
Strong team with collaborative framework, which always respect and prioritize team synergy for shared success.

Professional and High Integrity
Every individual demonstrates characters and high standard as a professional with strong integrity principles.


Our Culture:

Discipline is the key to work excellence and safety. We are disciplined in our work, usage of resources and time.

Well Planned
Planning is crucial to give the best results and profitability for our customers

We plan and evaluate everything that we do based on reliable data and facts

Walk the Talk
We do what we are committed to do. We are consistent and lead by example

We give our utmost effort as we value speed and agility

We trust each other as a team working towards our goals and objectives

One Big Family (Kekeluargaan)
We make working together fun and creative, we help and support each other, we value our member's opinion for the good of the family