Vision & Mission

Vision :

To be a world-class mining services company that is recognized for its competitive prices, professionalism, priority in health, safety and environment

Mission :

  • Prioritizes the best price for its customers.
  • To help provide solutions to customers in order to optimize mine planning.
  • To run mine operations by emphasizing on quality, occupational health and safety as well as being environmentally friendly.
  • To develop the company‚Äôs business with good growth and welfare for its employees.
  • To provide employment opportunities as well as developing human resource competencies.
  • To nurture a harmonious relationship with mutual benefits with the government, partners and communities.

Organization Structure

Management Structure


President Commissioner

Hadyan Hadianto


Iim Sujamin


Mukhlis Ibnu Rusdi

President Director

Asmaidin Rizal

Finance & General Director

Human Resources

Location Total (Person)
Head Office 57
South Kalimantan 520
South Sumatera 211
Total 788

Our Activities