Safety, Health and Environment

SHE Policy

Management and employees of PT. Global Makara Teknik is committed to implement a standard of performance in the areas of Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) in accordance with the applicable legislation.

Purpose of the Policy :

  • To support the vision and mission of the company
  • To provide and maintain a safe and healthy work environment for all employees and subcontractors
  • To take responsibility and to live in harmony and friendly environment in which we operate

Our goal is to make Safety, Health and Environment one our most important priorities.

To achieve this, all aspects of Safety, Health and Environment will be fully integrated into daily management practices and activities of all employees at all operating sites.

To ensure that our goal and intentions are achieved, we do the following :

  • Follow all applicable law’s and regulation and implement internal standards that reflect our commitment.
  • Provide adequate training and coaching for all employees to ensure that the objectives of this policy will be achieved and maintained.

Our Objectives / Targets



  • Prevent “injuries” and “fatality”.
  • Minimize incidents of “Property Damage” and “Premature Losses”.


  • Ensure that all health hazards in the workplace are set effectively.
  • Ensure that all of our employee’s health is effectively managed.
  • Create and maintain a clean and healthy workplace.


  • Ensure that all potential impacts on the environment are well managed.
  • Prevent pollution and minimize incidents of “Environmental Damage”.
  • Ensure that all environmental aspects are properly managed.
  • Create and Improve “Environmental Awareness”.

Corporate Social Responsibility

PT. Global Makara Teknik is a company that puts a sense of responsibility towards social and environment around the company, such as doing an activity that can improve the welfare of local communities and protecting the environment, providing funds for the maintenance of public facilities, etc., such as :

  • Assisting in developing Mosques
  • Assisting the youths
  • Assisting the poor and others.

The company also continually improve the local economy by recruiting locals to become employees of the company, to provide guidance and mental changes to become a broad minded individual with a competitive nature.

This is done to :

  • Eliminate distractions from the local communities that may interfere the company’s activities
  • Ensure the survival of the company in the long term.

PT. Global Makara Teknik ensures that the community and employees under the management of Human Resources around the environment are kinship, so as to create a safe and prosperous environment.

Our corporate social responsibility activities

PT Global Makara Teknik Donates Used Office Glass to Thoriqul Jannah Mosque, Ayunan Papan Village

PT GMT gave a grant of used office glass to Thoriqul Jannah Mosque in Ayunan Papan Village. The used glass has an economic value of around 150 million rupiah. The grant was handed over directly by the President Director of PT GMT, Mukhlis Ibnu Rusdi, on Tuesday, 9 May 2023.

The used glass grant was greatly appreciated by the mosque management and residents of Ayunan Papan Village. According to the mosque management, the used glass will be used for the construction of the mosque. "We are very grateful and thankful to PT GMT for providing this used glass grant. This is very helpful to improve mosque facilities and support religious activities in Ayunan Papan Village," said one of the mosque administrators.

Mukhlis Ibnu Rusdi said that the grant was part of PT GMT corporate social responsibility (CSR) programme. "We hope this assistance can be useful and have a positive impact on the surrounding community. PT GMT always supports the development and progress of Indonesian society," he said.

With this used office glass grant, it is hoped that it can benefit the surrounding community and also help build a mosque in Ayunan Papan Village. Hopefully this step taken by PT GMT can be an example for other companies in providing support for community development.

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